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How can I Score Good in NEET 2020 in Limited Period of Time?

Below are listed some most important points you should follow to score higher in NEET 2020 in the limited period of time.

  1. Plan a Schedule : Schedule is a must if you have to score good in the competitive exams. Without having a proper schedule, you wont be able to prepare smartly. So the first move is to prepare a schedule. I wont ask you to stick to a schedule each day, it isn’t always possible for everyone, instead thw first thing to do each day is plan that day samrtly and act accordingly. Set your priorities and work on them as much as you can.
  2. Stick to the Syllabus : Always remember that time is less and syllabus is vast. You have to stick to the syllabus in order to complete it effectively. Do know wjat points should be covered and what are not so important. Then work accordingly.
  3. Analysis of Past Year Question Papers : This is the most important step of your preparation. Collect atleast past 10 year question papers for the examination and related examinations, then analyse the topics being asked frequently and then build up a weightage scheme. This will save your time.
  4. Smart work and hard work go hand in Hand : Remember that working hard isn’t enough to crack such exams. You have to work smart at the same time. Know the topics that can give you maximum score and have more focus on them.
  5. Solve as many MCQs as you can: Until you solve MCQS, you won’t be able to know how much you can score and what are the areas of improvement. Do solve as many MCQS as you can.
  6. Revision : Even if you are studying alot but you aren’t revising the topics, then you might not be able to remember all of them at the end of your preparation. Revise as much as you can and whenever you get time.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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